Way to see what causes AGP to open so slow?

01-07-2020 12:26 PM
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Does anyone know a way to view what layers are causing AGP to open so slowly.  Several projects take 2 plus minutes to load.  ArcMap will open the exact same layer set in about 15 seconds.

My computer far exceeds the minimum recommended specs to run AGP.

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There is a known issue with Pro where there are many maps and/or layouts  and/or SDE connections and/or ArcGIS Server Connections and/or Portal connections (any combination) that causes a project to take a very long time to load. Are you in that situation? Need very exact and specific details of the project you are trying to load, what are the options set to, is your default GDB and TBX pointing to a network share? What layers are loading slowly, where are they hosted, what version is the software hosting them? If enterprise data sources, are you using windows authentication? SSL?