Water elevation calculation

04-13-2022 01:24 AM
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Can I calculate flooding in arcgis based on a geotiff with water elevation?

I have a geotiff file containing water elevations from 0 to 5 meters. In addition, I have a shapefile containing the perimeter of a number of properties. Now I would like to know what the water height in a building is based on the geotiff. However, I have no idea how this should be done, does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance!


The geotiff:




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Don't know if I understand you right, but there's a tool "add surface information" in Spatial Analyst? Maybe you can use it to add the information of the geotiff to your feature class of buildings?


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A few links that might help. Not sure the first one does what you want since it just shows the "volume" below a predefined elevation.


If you actually want to.predict flooding then that is much more complex. You can use Spatial Analyst extension tools.