Voxel layer z-coordinate

03-24-2022 03:41 AM
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I am currently working with ArcGIS 2.9.2. For my bachelor thesis it is my goal to visualize clouds. Therefore, I have netCDF-Files containing the cloud area fraction for each z/lat/lon grid point. The main problem I am having is the following: Instead that the z-coordinate is taken from the file, the voxel layer generates itself an automatic offset and an automatic vertical exaggeration. Unfortunately, I can't find how this vertical exaggeration is created or how I have to change it, that the layers are on the correct height (I know, that I can change the offset and the vertical exaggeration in the voxel layer menu under appearance). If I click on a created cell I do have the information regarding the depth (in meters), but it isn’t represented on this geometric height (above sea level).

Thank you very much for your help and responses!

Best regards Tim

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Sorry for the late reply, but by default, the voxel layer stretches up from a minimum height.  You can change this to use raw z-coordinates in the Elevation tab of the layer property page (right click voxel layer -> Properties).

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