Visibility Analysis - Having height of observor AND height of prospective viewpoints

07-09-2021 08:22 AM
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Context - I want to know how visible a new development will be from the surrounding countryside.

I created an output with the observer points being the rough location of the new buildings and their proposed heights, so theoretically the output will show what is seen from the tops of these buildings and therefore theoretically that the buildings can be seen from anywhere green in the output.

BUT, this doesn't take into account that someone on a hill nearby is 2m tall, and they can probably see the buildings from even further away in an area not identified as visible from the observer points.

Question -  How can I determine the extent that the development will be seen from with the average human height - but also taking into account that the buildings will be a specific height too?

Remarks - I'm using a DSM rather than DTM for this - I have access to the full Pro suite and extensions.

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This is controlled by the OFFSETB parameter

i.e. for all of your points, create a new float field in the attribute table named OFFSETB and set the attribute values to 2 - then run the visibility analysis.

Note that the default OFFSETA value for the top of your buildings will be 1, you may want to set this to 0.



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