Viewing CSV Data in ArcPro

06-15-2022 06:12 AM
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I'm currently trying to view CSV data in ArcPro and eventually join the data to another layer. However, when I try and view the CSV data in ArcPro I get the following message:

Failed to open table.

Error: The value type is incompatible with field type [Zip_Code]

Does this mean there are errors in the Zip_Code field column, or something else? Thank you for the help!

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If you added the CSV it would be easier to answer your question, but I could see it being that:

-there are rows with bad values

-that the field is being read as something other than numeric

-the Field is numeric but something other than numeric is stored in the field. 

Would need to see the csv to know. 

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Check the zip code field and see if all the zip codes are zip codes

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I've run into problems with importing ZIP codes, as well.  In my case, it was because spreadsheet contained data from NJ, where the ZIP codes begin with '0'.  When I imported into ArcMap as a numerical data type, it was truncating the the leading '0' and importing as a 4-digit number, which was then unrecognizable as a ZIP.  Any chance your ZIPs start with '0'?  If so, try importing as a text data type.

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