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07-11-2021 10:48 PM
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I have a geoprocessing script written in ArcGIS Pro version 2.8 and I want to publish it to ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 as a geoprocessing service. Publication is flawless, however the execution of service crashes because I am using some arcpy functionality that was added at version 2.7 and that is obviously not in ArcGIS Server arcpy runtime.

My local and server arcpy versions obtained by arcpy.GetInstallInfo() are:


Version : 10,81.0

BuildNumber : 24234

ProVersion : 2.6.0



Version       : 2.8.1

BuildNumber   : 29751


So my questions are:

Is there a possibility to upgrade version of arcpy on that server, at least to the version 2.7?

Where can I find information about what arcgispro arcpy runtime version has particular version of ArcGIS server, like what arcgis pro arcpy is on 10.9 for instance? I searched documentation, but found only info on version of python, not arcpy.

Thank you

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I don't use server but

ArcGIS Server and ArcPy—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

Beginning with ArcGIS Server 10.9, you can add ArcPy to an existing Python 3 environment, as long as its package versions are not in conflict. To add ArcPy, use conda to install ArcPy from the Esri channel on Anaconda Cloud. From the conda prompt, run the following command with the appropriate release number:

conda install arcpy-server=10.9 -c esri

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Thank you, that is indeed an interesting feature, but there is still a question that if I add newer version of arcpy to existing Python 3 environment, will this particular version be used in geoprocessing service execution?

I have my doubts about it... I would give it a try but my server is 10.8.1 and I am not planning upgrade any time soon. I am basically looking for answer if 2.7 or higher version of arcpy could by part of server 10.8.1, or if not in what ArcGIS server release would that be available.

Probably I should move this question to ArcGIS server topic, I find a way how to do it.

Thank you.


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