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04-19-2018 07:00 AM
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I've recently started using ArcGIS Pro for reconciling and posting versions to our default database.

Some of the functionality that I was able to do in ArcMap is not available in Pro which slows down my workflow from running QC tasks before reconciling and posting versions into default.

Some of the features that I cant do in Pro that I was able to do in ArcMap include:

Working with the data view window (its active) while having the Version Changes window open. In Pro, you can only view the spatial changes in the CHANGE DISPLAY windows, whereas in ArcMap, you can view both the CHANGE DISPLAY and DATA VIEW windows and zoom to the changes/updates area in both the CHANGE DISPLAY window or the DATA VIEW window.

In ArcMap I was able to open up the Version Changes window, run the comparisons to the DEFAULT database and if there were any updates, I could select those and create a layer file out of that selection and review all the changes that way. In PRO, I cant do that since you cant even select the CHANGES in the Version Changes window.

That's all I have for now. I'm sure I'll come up with more questions as I work more and more with Pro.


Marcos Mendez

 #sde_versions version 1.0.1

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asasidar-esristaff‌ Can you take a look at this?

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Hi Marcos,

    We are aware of the equivalency issue you have reported with version changes UI between Map and Pro. We will be working towards filling this functionality gap soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Check out this thread for enhancement ideas for Pro Version Manager: 

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Hi, i know this is an old thruead, but i'm having the same issue and was looking for some info on this.  The last post here from Michael Volz states to... check out this thread for enhancement ideas for Pro Version Manager....however that link does not does not mention the issue regarding viewing in active map the version change differences.     is there a link to enhancement ideas that is directly related to this issue?   Thanks, Cathy

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