Vector tile creation yields different results

01-08-2018 04:43 AM
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I have encountered, on several occasions, that vector tiles are a bit tricky to get styled correctly. So I thought I'd try a tutorial to get a grasp at what I was doing wrong. "Luckily" I encountered some of the same errors, so now I seek an explanation from you guys.

Here's what I found:

Following the "Design and Publish Basemaps" tutorial found here, the image below is the finished vector map, ready to be packaged and published. 

Using "Share to web Layer" gives me this result:

Notice how all "minor roads" have disappeared!

Zooming into the lower right corner of the map, some of the features appear. On the image below the tile index is overlain (orange grid) and it suggest that there is a problem with feature (point) density vs tile index. 

I've tried to create tile indices with different Vertex Count, but nothing seems to fix the problem. I suspect it might have something to do with alternating symbols being used at different scales, but I'm not sure.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this will be greatly appreciated.

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