Using ArcPy to extrude a polygon and convert to multipatch?

04-04-2022 01:27 PM
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I would like to programatically convert 2D polygons to multipatch volumes using python, using a height field and a terrain dataset. I don't think it's possible unless anyone can correct me?

Current workflow requires a manual intervention.

1. Interpolating surfaces to create polygonzs draped over a terrain dataset. (InterpolateShape)

2. In a scene in Pro, manually extrude using a height field.

3. Layer 3D To Feature Class to convert the 3D displayed layer to Multipatch.

Is there a way to perform step 2 in python without opening a scene, manually extruding and having to run step 1 and 3 separately?

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Create an empty aprx file. Then open it with Then adddatafrompath to get your 2d feature class. Then run layer 3d to feature class. It will save to geodatabase or shapefile.

Thats it.

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