Using ArcMap on a Virtual Server

02-17-2021 06:43 PM
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I have been using ArcMap through a virtual server provided by my university. Recently, I created a project using DDP. However, whenever I tried to export my project (approximately 58 pages), it would take hours to complete and often ArcMap would stop responding and crash. ArcMap has generally been very slow the whole time I've been using it. I've tried connecting to Ethernet, using my campus wifi directly, and exporting directly to the virtual desktop. Does anyone have tips on how to get the software to run faster/better?

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There are two things I can think of which you could check:

1. Is every thing residing on your virtual dekstop? What would work best is to have your MXD, your data and the location where you export the pages to, on the virtual desktop. In that case you minimize network latency as everything is done on the virtual desktop. Of course, after the export of the project you can copy it from the virtual desktop to your local machine.

2. The other issue could be that your MXD is very large. You can check this with PerfQanalyzer or MXDperfstat, these tools are not supported so always make a back-up of your MXD and it is at your own risk.

If this doesn't help you can also check to see if there is something else which may apply to your situation.

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