Use feature layer headers in one ArcPRO project to another Project

10-18-2021 03:13 PM
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I created a Field Map App that is currently in use by Dept A.  This was created by starting with ArcPRO,  creating feature layers and using related tables.  Now Dept B wants to use the Field Map App, however, Dept B has different terminology, but similar workflow.

Initial thought is to start from scratch, because I do not believe I can do a "Save As" in ArcPRO and call it Dept B, then use for Dept B as any changes for Dept B will change Dept A's app. 

Or Can I somehow copy Dept A's Arcpro and use it for Dept B? 

Thank you for your help.  I was going to do some tests, but I do not want to make any changes to my Dept A app by mistake. 


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@AnnettePoole1 there's a couple of ways to do this. 1 you can make a project template which will package up the project and your geodatabase, which, when unpacked, will look and smell the same as the one before. Or you can just manually couple and paste your geodatabase and aprx project file and relink your layers in the aprx to the new gdb using the update sources tools from the catalog context menu. 

Having said that, the above assumes you're working with registered data into enterprise. If you're hosting on agol then just publish with a new name from the original project template. It makes no difference 

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