Uploading multiple CSV files from folder using code

03-21-2022 02:22 AM
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I'm trying to read multiple CSV files to my arcGIS pro project.

The csv files consist x,y coordinated so I would like to upload them to the project and show them on the map, as happends when I upload the CSV file through the 'MAP'-->'Add Data'-->'X,Y Point Data'.

I do this action very often so I would like to automate it.

I'll be happy to get some guidance or a script to do so.


Tnx a lot

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There is sample code in the help, but it is for loading 1 file

XY Table To Point (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

You can right-click on the tool in ArcToolbox and try it in batch mode


Then if you want a script, you can export to a script and modify it to suit your needs

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When you do it manually, you open the tool XY Table To Point (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation.

To automate the process, you could use a script like this:

csv_files = [
    # etc.

import os
wkid = 25832 # the wkid of your coordinate system
x = "X"
y = "Y"
z = None
gdb = None  # path to the database where you want to save the feature class. None: default gdb of your project
for csv in csv_files:
    name = os.path.basename(csv).split(".")[0]
    if gdb is not None:
        name = os.path.join(gdb, name)
    arcpy.management.XYTableToPoint(csv, name, x, y, z, wkid)

Have a great day!
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