Updating attribute based on another feature attribute

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01-23-2020 10:32 AM
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We have a feature class called Operation Incidents that keep track of leaks and other issues with our water mains. Two of the incident cause types are "service line leak" and "service line leak replaced." When a service line is replaced, a new Operation Incident point of the type "service line leak replaced" is put on the service line, and any other "service line leak" from before also get changed to "service line leak replaced." The point of this is to look at a service line and see how many leaks there have been to determine when it needs to be replaced. Once it's replaced, we can ignore the previous leaks. I'm noticing that the incident type has not been updated for some points, though, and there are almost 2000 to go through. Is there a simple or automated way to go through each service line and basically say "if the date of the Service Line Leak Replaced record is newer than the date for Service Line Leak record for this service, update the Service Line Leak record to Service Line Leak Replaced."  I know it sounds complicated, but I haven't been able to find an easier way to do this than manually sorting through all of them.

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