Unique value counts won't refresh correctly after changing layer's data source

08-10-2016 08:02 AM
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First off, I'm happy to see the ability to sort by value count in the symbology pane for a layer in Pro.  Unfortunately, after changing the data source for a layer, the value counts don't refresh properly and sorting by count stops working. Value counts that should now be zero are denoted with a question mark, but because the sorting option doesn't work I still have to manually select these values to remove them.

The picture below shows some of the resulting values after changing data sources, refreshing the count, and then sorting by count ascending.

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Xander Bakker‌,

Well, I feel less crazy. So that's good? What are the next steps? In the interim, I can always calculate to a new field and run a select by attribute against that.

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Hi gisspellblade ,

If it is not a problem to do a field calculation, then that might be the easiest fix. You could report this as a bug and see if it gets fixed in a future release.

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