Unable to view tables with mixed case names via postgres Arc Pro connection

09-22-2021 01:00 PM
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Update >> Discovered the issue is an issue of tables not being 'seen' because table names are mixed case. AGHHHH! I think I have read that there is not a workaround for this but please weigh in if you've had success somehow getting around it. The db I'm connecting to has several hundred tables (with many mixed case columns within them) and the ramifications of renaming are large. >>>>>I posted a couple wks ago about connecting from Pro v. 2.7.0 to an external PostgreSQL (non-spatial) database in order to access tables and perform queries only. I was able to successfully create a db connection with what I thought were 'data viewer' credentials but am unable to make a query table in Arc Pro because it appears that what I have access to are only "views" and not tables. The DBA said he gave me permissions to "create temporary tables" thinking that would suffice.

Do I first need to create a database user for the geodatabase connection? If so, it gives me an error (-25) insufficient permissions when I try to do that.

Can someone point me toward a solution, please? 



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