Unable to package Pro Project: code:400, Invalid URL., Bad syntax in request

04-22-2020 01:56 PM
New Contributor

I used to be able to successfully package this Pro project. I then ran into an issue with GP tasks where I realized that I hadn't accessed the data inside my Pro doc through our portal, but instead had pasted the feature service URLs directly into it using "Add Data" > "Data from path". After repathing my layers to go through my portal group now I get the below.

Status: Failed StatusMessage: ERROR: code:400, Invalid URL., Bad syntax in request.

This obviously indicates some kind of permissions conflict but I'm struggling to find it. Here's my setup:

  • Pro Doc accessing feature services in a shared group
  • Feature services are from an instance of ArcGIS Server, registered as items within AGO and shared into the group
  • I am owner of that group
  • Group has members from outside our organization
  • When packaging I've tried both checked and unchecked "share outside of organization"
  • I am unable to package it locally or to AGO
  • I am an admin within my AGO
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