Unable to Label Line in MMPK

06-11-2019 08:53 AM
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I am creating a mobile map package (MMPK) and set up my map in Pro to exactly what i want it to look like. I export and the load the mmpk in my application. Everything looks great except my stream line layer will not label like it does in Pro. No labels even show up. I have checked the visibility range, exported the layer to a gdb & shapefile, switched the labeling engine from Arcade-VB-Python and still nothing will make them show up in the mmpk. I have also deleted all fields that are not needed in the line layer. 

Any idea whats going on? I have other line layers (Roads) and those label fine. 

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Can you save a Layer file and "share as layer"  I don't need the data, just the .lyrx for the layer.  Seeing the label properties for the label class may help me understand what is happening.


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