Unable to have a proper map extent in map series

12-08-2020 06:55 AM
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Hi, I am trying to create map series of every house plot contained in my study with all the attributes contained in it (ex well, septic tank, etc). The problem is that the plots varie a lot in size. I am now using the "Best fix extent" with a margin size of 0% and it works fine with squared plots, but it does not seem ok with long rectangles because the attributes are too small (see the two examples). 

1) Is there a way to zoom to the attributes when the plot is too big.

2) Is there a way to rotate every map from the serie to see the attributes as much as possible?


I don't know if my question is clear, but thank you in advance!

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For out-of-the-box Map Series, one way to accomplish this is to manually add a "Rotation" field and set each index feature's rotation accordingly.  You could start by setting all rows = 0 but then only change the rotation value for each feature that needs to be rotated.  Map Series supports a rotation field that would use the rotation value for each feature.

Similar for extent.  You could add a scale field for each feature to control the extent.

I don't even think using Python to automate extent and rotation would add much benefit because you would still need to apply logic for each index feature.  Having rotation and scale fields should do the trick.

Jeff - Layout Team.

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Ok thank you for those tips. The problem I have with scale fields is that it will zoom to the center of y polygon, while most of the features I want to show on the map are on one extremity of the polygon.

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