Unable to find projected coordinate system in predfined list

04-12-2022 04:28 PM
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I have a polygon exported from Modflow groundwater model that I was told "should" be projected in "Florida Albers US Feet" but I can't find any such projection in the pre-defined list.  

The closest thing I could find is NAD_1927_Georgia_Statewide_Albers (in feet), which resulted in a significant offset.  I made a copy and modified the standard parallels (to 29.50 & 45.50) and central meridian (-83.00) match the model report (USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5099:)   and it fits relatively close.  

To be exact, I'm not sure what the process should be.  Should I take one of the Albers USA/USGS projections in meters and somehow convert that to feet?  Is there a Florida specific statewide Albers projection in US feet that I can download somewhere?

The resultant shapefile is attached.






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There is a download in this link

Coordinate systems, projections, and transformations—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

If you search the link, using Florida, there are 74 listed, most are state plane, but variants of albers are there.  Most in feet, the question would become US feet or International feet conversion 😉

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