Total noob. :) determine data points for slope

03-28-2021 08:32 PM
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I dont even know the terminology to use, so my searches are useless.  Perhaps the community can help.  I'm looking for a way to take a start-point and an end-point and create a straight-line slope from A to B that calculates for the polygon terrain.  I know it'll involve a lot of trig and whatnot.  


Imagine a starting point at the bottom of a mountain (point A).  A road or path header or something like that.  I want to get to somewhere above near the top (point B).  I want to make sure the path is 6% grade all the way up.  The elevation profile will be a straight line 6% while when the terrain is rotated you can see the dips and valleys and everything that hugs the path into the terrain.  Is there a tool for this?  


Total noob.  I'd do this on Excel if I could find out how to read an elevation file.  But maybe someones come up with a tool already.


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In case it's just a straight line from A to B, you may directly overlay the line in a 3D Scene of ArcGIS Pro.


If you want to create a path based on the slope and other terrain parameters,then Cost Path (Spatial Analyst) should do your work.

To do this, you need to 

1. Reclassify the slope and any other value rasters (e.g. LULC) that you would like to incorporate to calculate the Least-Cost Path. Give lower weights (cost) to favourable parameters,(like Slope 1-2 = 1; 2-6=2, etc.) If you want to mask any of the value range from the calculation of least-cost path, define the value as NoData.


2. Create a Cost Distance Raster that calculates the least accumulative cost distance for each cell from or to the least-cost source over a cost surface.

3. Keeping Source and Destination points in separate layers, calculate cost path.

4. Convert output raster path to Line.

You can overlay the output line feature on 3D Scene of ArcGIS Pro.

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