09-12-2022 02:28 AM
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I'm using the topology tool to confirm the connectivity of an Irrigation Network.

I have a Main Line and a Lateral Line and some point feature dataset. This point must match a endpoint of one of this lines. But I can't find a way to say OR with the topology tool.

If I create two independent rules Must be covered by endpoint lateral line + Must be covered by endpoint main line it wont' work as all points show as error.

Is there any solution for it?


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Would it make sense to have "main" and "lateral" as subtypes in the same layer? Then the topology rule could evaluate properly. Also, what kind of points are these? When a point occurs on the endpoint of a lateral, is it truly identical to a point on the endpoint of a main line? Would it be possible to split the points into two layers?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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The GDB is build by clients demands and he wants two different lines features. I thought of that solution also. Have to approach client first.

Points are fittings, valves, chambers. Most of them are are in line end of both main and lateral.

Thanks for the reply. 

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