Topo-to-raster tool using boundary input

06-11-2020 01:54 PM
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Hi, I’ve been working with different interpolation methods and have a general question about the Topo-to-raster tool. The tool allows for interpolation of both points, contour lines, and you can set a boundary input to interpolate within. When the boundary is adjusted (I've created a buffer of the original boundary), the interpolation comes out very different. My thinking is that when using the buffered boundary (even if buffered by just 1 foot), that creates a larger area for the tool to interpolate within, and as a result, the interpolation will be inherently different widespread. Has anyone observed this and can confirm that this is in fact what is happening?  Thank you.
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How Topo to Raster works—Help | Documentation 

Topo to Raster—Help | Documentation 

In the latter, there are recommendations regarding the extent and boundary and possible conflicts.

Steve Lynch‌ may have commentary or pass this on to someone that has more experience in its use than I do

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We need some additional info, please

- what version of ArcGIS?

- what does different mean, maybe a difference raster (between with boundary and without boundary)?

- did you keep the cell size the same between with boundary and without boundary interpolation?

- what are your TopoToRaster parameters?

- screen shot of your input data including the boundary outline

- what is you ultimate goal with this exercise?


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