Time Aware Feature Class to display moving of features

03-23-2021 11:43 PM
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I have one feature(Object) in a time aware Feature Class. Now, i want to set a new position to the feature(Object) after few seconds. Is there a way to do this, without creating new features(New Feature for every new position of the original feature(Object)). The user shouldn't be able to see the past or future locations of the feature(Object).

My idea: Create a new feature with same attributes instead of position and time, for any new position. The expiration date for the feature is the start date of the feature for the next position.

After i create this Feature Class, i want to display the movement of feature\s in an Custom TimeSlider for Arc GIS API for Qt. I only need the feature class to test and enhance the TimeSlider.

Is there any possibility to do this better, or any different solution?

Sorry for my bad English, i hope, my explanation was clear enough

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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