Tilting extruded polylines using multipatch or other means

09-01-2021 07:35 AM
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I am trying to tilt extruded polylines (walls essentially) using the Rotate Alignment Tool under Edit in ArcGIS Pro (v. 2.8.2) and found that converting them to multipatch allowed for the full xyz-axis rotation feature; however, I also need the lines intersecting at the surface to remain anchored to preserve the data's map location on the surface. None of these lines are perfectly straight and tilting them through the surface offsets the data's location at the surface.

I have tried using CTRL to move the rotation anchor, but even tilting from the surface level there is still a significant data offset. (Not that it would help if that did work, as the move anchor feature was seemingly altered during the update from v. 2.8 to 2.8.2, and now it doesn't even allow a simple vertical shift in anchor position holding Ctrl but only allows me to snap to a vertex and there are none in the middle of the plane where my map surface is.)

Is there a way to tilt already extruded polyline data and keep the surface intersection points in place? Using Multipatch or another method in ArcGIS Pro. 

I have included snips from before and after a tilt to better show my predicament.

Any potential solution or advice is greatly appreciated.  

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Hey DevRobinson. I work on one of the teams responsible for updating 3D in ArcPro. We're interested in your use case but we need some more info. Could you reach out to me at rchin@esri.com with more information about your use case?