The adjustment for the images is not accurate and there is still a shift between my images (Ortho Mapping)

03-31-2021 01:22 AM
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Hi All,


I am trying to do the photogrammetry workflow for arial images using Arcgis Pro, but I am facing an issue, the adjustment for the images is not accurate and there is still a shift between my images, I followed the steps below but end with the same results:

  1. I created a new ortho workspace and chose the type as Areal digital, then imported the exterior orientation, camera file and the row images.


  1. Regarding the elevation source, I chose the “average elevation from the frame, does this affect my model? What is the best practical?a2.png


  1. Then I imported my GCPs and located them correctly as shown, then apply the adjust with the default settings.


  1. After the adjustment, the tie points are created and I found out that the location for all the sets was not corrected on the images, what should be the issue here?


  1. Then I modified all the tie points location manually and located them correctly and readjust the project but end with the same result, the adjustment for the image is not corrected!!


What could be the issue here?

Any help is highly appreciated.



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Majdoleen - so I'm wondering if there is a geographic transformation issue occurring here.  In the Map properties, go to Transformation.  Is there a Geographic Transformation set  in the interface as demonstrated in my attached graphic?  Please advise.


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