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01-26-2022 10:03 PM
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I'm working in Pro 2.8. For text boxes, the vertical option appears greyed out to me (possibly until they get it fixed?)

I'm working with a table frame, and would like to apply vertical alignment to both heading text and data text. So would prefer to have all these items aligned vertical center, or even vertical bottom (this is the table header):


Vertical alignment buttons (not greyed out) have no effect whatever. I've tried selecting the whole table, just heading text, just data text, a single field, etc. etc. Nothing. Closed and restarted and all the usual stuff, nothing.

It's not a show-stopper, but whenever this makes it to the priority list, there are those of us who will appreciate it.

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Hi Sameh, 

Not all Text Symbol properties are applicable to text that are a subset of specific layer elements such as Table Frames, Legends, Grids,  Scale Bars, Scale Bars, Rectangle and Polygon Text elements. The text associated with these elements "live" within space defined by the element, such as a cell in a Table Frame. The Text Symbol properties were originally designed for the text itself and the portion properties were designed for the font envelope. They are agnostic to the specialized space that text may reside in, such as a cell in a table frame. 

Fortunately, many of the text symbol properties "just work" for these specialized, layout specific contexts. However, vertical alignment is not one of them. Vertical alignment only works within the envelope of the font. It has no effect on the placement of the text element in relation to anything outside the envelope of the font, such as a table frame cell.

We understand the desire to do what you want to do with the text. Not only for table frames, but for other elements such as legends.  This is an enhancement we hope to get to in a future release. 

As a work around you can use the Offset Y property on each Heading text to place the text within the cell. Of course this has some downsides as it is not efficient and it may not work well if the text changes. However, it is something that may provide a short-term solution.

Hope this helps, 


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Really Thank you for support

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