Summary Statistics returning with only 0s-bad attribute table?

02-11-2021 08:47 PM
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Currently working on a project for a class where I have a .csv that I've joined to a shapefile of census tracts and used Select by Location to turn into several layers each representing a data class. Now I need to get averages of each of the fields for each of the layers. My original plan was to use the table to Excel tool to export them and then find the averages in Excel but I get an error message about a column that doesn't exist. So next I tried to do summary stats to find the mean for each field but it gives me all 0s. I've already checked that all the data is in double bc I made that mistake earlier. The same issue of all 0s happens if I use Table to Table to convert any of the attribute tables to a .csv. The fields from the .shp are all intact but fields from the joined .csv are all 0s. Any ideas on what the issue could be or suggested workarounds or troubleshooting would be really appreciated. 

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dump the shapefile, make a featureclass in a file geodatabase.  If you have a csv and it is causing issues, save it as an excel file and try the Excel to Table tool to make a geodatabase table.  

If both the featureclass and the gdb table are good, try the join then.

If not, post examples of what is happening.

PS  blank cells in spreadsheets aren't good.  If you need to show nodata values, expecially for integers, use a nodata value (eg -99999 )  Spreadsheets and csv files don't handle nodata values particularly well and blanks are a no-no

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