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Suitability model outputs km^2

09-27-2023 05:31 PM
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I am doing suitability modelling. I am extracting coefficients from predictor variables, analyzing in R for weights and rank, and then putting the results into the weighted overlay table. I am extracting the coefficients from the variables by using buffers around points to show habitat selection within a designated distance from the point. I would like to have the coefficients in km^2. I think what I need is to have the tools output 'area' in km^2 as the cell size. Or, I need a function that will auto convert my tables from cell size to km^2. This is for raster data.


My process so far:

Map projection: NAD 1983 CRS UTM Zone 13N, 1 metre. Cell size 30 x 30.

Reclassify to desired categories.

Buffer points

Tabulate area of variable within buffer size. Produces area for each category within the buffer size.


Now I need a method to convert the COUNT of cells, (30x30 metres) into km^2.








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