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07-14-2021 07:21 AM
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I used the Split Tool on our Pavement data to split a segment of road after a construction project was completed to update the pavement condition. It successfully split, then I updated the attributes per segments, and now the segments are gone. But they are still in the Attribute Table (see below). The red circle is where the segments were located. How could this have happened?

I have re-opened the map to see if it was a glitch and they are still missing. It's not the symbology, because I double checked. They are simply missing from the display. Could this be because the two features have the same ObjectID after being split?

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Check the 'PCI' attribute value for the features that aren't displaying. I'm assuming a few things here:

  • This field has a domain
  • The default value for the field is null
  • The split policy for the domain is set to 'Default'

You can check the split policy by right-clicking on the layer in the Contents pane > Design > Domains. You can check the default value for a field by right-clicking on the layer in the Contents pane > Design > Fields.

If the above is true, you can do any of the following:

  • Symbolize null values
  • Set the default value of the field to something other than null (blank)
  • Set the split policy on the domain to 'Duplicate' instead of 'Default'

Regarding why this could happen, the Split tool will respect the split policy that is defined on the source geodatabase. This is mentioned in the documentation for the Split tool: Split a feature—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop

Does this help?


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Hi Scott,

Thank you for your response. The PCI was one of the attributes that I updated in the table after the Split and was still within the visible symbology parameters. I double-checked to be sure. No Domains within the data. No default set to the PCI field, and looks like I cannot modify the default. I'm clicking on the area and it's not allowing me to enter any value.

I just got off of a screenshare with ESRI support a couple minutes ago and we made duplicate data, tested in multiple maps, did a Check Geometry on the original data, etc and could not replicate the issue. We did troubleshooting for about 30 minutes or so and ultimately decided it could be a random glitch that occurred since there's no reason it should be happening since my data does not have domains.

Still confused what happened, but fingers crossed that there are no further issues!

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Hi @KamillePreto 

hmm.. yeah that's very odd. I'm glad you are in touch with Support, so if it happens again you can show them the steps 🙂

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It is very strange! Thank you for your suggestions though.

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Seems split tool does like definition queries; delete definition query on the layer and try again.

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I had this problem as well. When I split the line, it assigned a null value to the status field in both sections. Once I chose the value in the dropdown for each section, that line appeared.

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