Split line segment vanishes after save and restart of ArcGIS Pro

05-20-2021 09:32 AM
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Hey everyone, I'm working with a database made up of various line segments. I'm splitting some of these segments into two to edit the attributes of each resulting segment. After splitting a segment, the two halves appear, I can edit the attributes and attachments, and everything seems fine. I can save my edits and the map continues to appear normal. Only, after restarting the program (or opening the map in arcgis online), one of the two segments invariably disappears from the map entirely, both visually and from the attribute table. 

I tested the problem by opening a version of the map in ArcGIS Online and splitting a line segment in ArcPro. Immediately after the split, I saved the edits and refreshed the online map. One of the segments had vanished! Only, in ArcPro, that segment was still present. I could select it, view the attributes, attachments, etc. I copied and pasted the segment so that ArcPro displayed two segments in this location. I refreshed the online map and the newly copied segment appeared, but the origin segment remained gone. When I saved and restarted ArcPro, there was only one segment where there had just been two. 

I'm very new to this entire suite of programs, but this seems highly unusual and did not seem to be the case 2 days ago when I was in an identical workflow. What has gone wrong?

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