Splines in Spatial Analyst vs Geostatistical Analyst

07-13-2021 07:58 PM
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Hi! I've currently doing some work on interpolation and have found that spline methods are available in both Spatial Analyst (here) and Geostatistical Analyst (here). So I have a question: are the Regularized and Tension splines available in both identical to each other? I can't find any documentation that suggests otherwise and haven't had a chance to test this.

I find this confusing but also not surprising given that the Trend tool (Spatial Analyst) and global polynomial (Geostatistical Analyst) are so redundant that the documentation is literally identical just with the name switched out!

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subtract the results of spline interpolation from both toolsets.  If they are identical, you will have a 0 raster.

as for your second question, terminology and application differs in disciplines so nothing is redundant

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