SpatialQueryFilter() set up

11-26-2021 01:44 AM
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Hello everyone,
I would like to ask how should I set the SpatialQueryFilter() to look for different values ​​in different columns in two layers. First FeatureLayer is "PlochyOsidleni_Final" and second is "intravilan_ZTM5".

In the first, I'm looking for a value 'Vysoký Chlumec' in the column "NAZ_CAST".

In the second value 'Víska' in the column "NAZEV".

 var mv = MapView.Active;
            var plochy = "PlochyOsidleni_Final";
            var intravian = "intravilan_ZTM5";
            var str1 = "NAZ_CAST = 'Vysoký Chlumec'";
            var str2 = "NAZEV = 'Víska'";
            SpatialQueryFilter sqf = new SpatialQueryFilter()
                WhereClause = str1 + str2,
                FilterGeometry = geometry,
               SpatialRelationship = SpatialRelationship.Contains
            var features = mv.GetFeatures(geometry);
            var lyrI = mv.Map.GetLayersAsFlattenedList().OfType<FeatureLayer>()
                .FirstOrDefault(l => l.Name == intravian);
            var lyrP = mv.Map.GetLayersAsFlattenedList().OfType<FeatureLayer>()
                .FirstOrDefault(l => l.Name == plochy);
 List<FeatureLayer> editableLayers = new List<FeatureLayer>();
            foreach (FeatureLayer editableFeatureLayer in editableLayers)
                Table fc = editableFeatureLayer.GetTable();
                int descriptionIndex = -1;
                descriptionIndex = fc.GetDefinition().FindField(plochy);
                using (var rowCursor = editableFeatureLayer.Select(sqf))//here show me error:'An invalid SQL statement was used.'

                    var oid = rowCursor.GetObjectIDs();

When I write it like this, it throws me a mistake.


Thank you for all the advice and ideas.

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You do not say what the error message is or at what line it is occurring at, so how are people meant to help you?

That said I would imagine an error is cause by a malformed where clause:

WhereClause = str1 + str2,


Would that not resolves to: "NAZ_CAST = 'Vysoký Chlumec'NAZEV = 'Víska'"

You need an AND or OR between these two statements, so it should be:

WhereClause = str1 + " OR " + str2,
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After all, I wrote the mistake directly in the code.But thank you for the advice anyway.

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