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Spatial Adjustment

08-26-2023 08:20 AM
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Hello Everyone

I would like to receive a recommendation about spatial adjustment that is no accessassible in ArcGISPro.

First of all, I will explain how I was using this tools in Arcmap. 

I had water "accidents" point layer  and its attribute table included field that name was ID_address. And other polygon layer named "address" where I had field which name was ST_ID

I was using Spatial adjustment tool for filling "accidents" point layer's field "ID-address" with suitable ID which was written in "address" polygon layer's ST_ID.  In attribute transfer mapping tool I had in source layer - "address" layer and ST_ID field. In the target layer there was "accidents " layer and its field ID_address.

In order to copy the value of one fields to another I was using attribute transfer tools. 

Now I would like to ask you recommendation. What is the possible and easy way to make this task like that in ArcGISPro?  Does ArcGISPro provides tools to make it in this way as I explained?

Please feel free to share you Ideas

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Hi! Have you tried spatial joint, to add the correct ST_ID to your Accidents point layers.?

We can’t use the merge tool to combine two fields, because it works only, if the inputs layers have the same geometry type. It works with polygon layer to polygon layer and point layer to point layer.

Here are some  screenshots.

Joint field

Spatial joint

You can replace the ID_address with ST_ID by this method, untill the Spatial adjustment added to ArcGIS Pro.



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Thank you, I appreciate your help

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