Spatial Adjustment

06-30-2021 08:16 AM
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Hello. So i have two shapefile, one is a landslide shapefile and the other is the area region. But this landslide shapefile is not as same as the geometric of the area region. Can you guys tell me how to fix it automatically without using edit vertices?? Pls. The colorful one is the landslide area, and the green line is the area region. I want to fullfill the landslide area into the region.



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It certainly looks like your region shapefile is digitized at small scale, and your landslide shapefile at a larger scale.  Is the landslide data meant to be clipped to the region anyway? so why not just use that? and if not, why would you create false estimated landslide data?

There's certainly no quick automated way to extend those polygons to the region border as you intend, and it makes no sense to me to do so.

I would:

Check there's no obvious projection issues, look for a more detailed region shapefile/Admin area level 2 etc.