Space Time Cube Explorer - Symbolizing a 3D Stack

07-25-2019 01:53 PM
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I have created a space time cube for one defined location using a dataset where each of the 32 records is of a half hour period with a measure of amount of people for each half hour period.  I used the Space Time Cube Explorer add-in to attempt to create a 3D time bin series for that one location.  However I end up getting a feature symbolizing as one in the stack as opposed to a stack of 32 (there are 32 half hour time periods).  Currently I am using the Graduated Colours for primary symbology and using the amount of people field with natural breaks.  I am confused as to how to properly show a 3D time bin series; attached what it should look like.png shows what a 3D time bin series should look like.  Attached what is is looking like.png shows how mine is appearing. If I query out certain population numbers in my 3D feature layer the colour will change, meaning all the time periods are overlapping and not stacking up. How do I get the symbolize the bin series to stack up?  


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