Sort the dataset when using "Append" [ArcGIS Pro 3.0]

01-20-2023 01:36 AM
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I have a hosted feature layer (Points) 

When i need to add additional data to this layer. I use the "XY Table To Point" and the the "Append" tool afterwards to add that data to the hosted feature layer.

The problem i have is when using the "Append" tool the data added is not sorted in any way. It seems to be added in a random order.

I would like to add it using one of the fields to sort it after. Lowest to Highest as an example.

Is something like this possible?


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Hi @MarcusFrankNielsen .

I don't think there are any sort-capabilities within the append-tool, but there might be some other ways to do it. I have not tried it on a hosted feature class, but you might use the Sort tool to sort the features based on one or more attributes and have the hosted layer as output (if there's no data there already).

One other option might be using Python.

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Hi thanks for the answer

I have already made a bunch of changes to the layer in arcgis online, popup, visuals etc. I would rather not have to make these again. But it might be the way forward if i want the data sorted.

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It appears as if the data is appended to the end of the target dataset in the order of the input table.

If you sort and save the input table before the XY Table to Point tool, the appended feature order will match the input table sort.


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Hi thanks for the response

That was my assumption as well, but i couldn't get it to work. It always appends in a seemingly random order, even when the input table is sorted beforehand.

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