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07-05-2022 08:08 AM
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I need to work with parcel data that comes from multiple sources (private, gov, etc.). A lot of this is bad data where polygon boundaries overlap or do not snap together. I am finding it incredibly difficult to automate fixes for this using "validate" topology within a geodatabase or by using the "integrate" tool. "Align edge" just produces an error and is manual so not an ideal solution. 

I included an example of parcels within a single feature class that are then added to a topology (within a feature dataset), and I highlighted the type of topology gap error I'm dealing with. The fix to "create feature" does not effectively close this gap to create a coincident edge. "Integrate" does not close or eliminate the gaps and instead reshapes the polygons. 

Does anyone have a good process for this?

This seems like an incredibly basic and common task that is hard to figure out and automate. I have a Standard license. 

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Does the data cross multiple jurisdictions?  Is there one datasource (larger jurisdiction) that has all the parcels you are looking for so you don't need to stitch different parcel sources together as some org has already done this?

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Yes, multiple jurisdictions and sources (BLM, private, NRCS, etc.). No possibility of a single date source. 

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If this is similar to the issue that I have had, it may be related to the xy tolerance registering points in the same place as being slightly off. I've used the Integrate (Data Management) tool to fix this in the past, as it will ensure that the xy coordinates are identical. Repair Geometry is also a good tool to use, although it works a bit differently.

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My topology xy tolerance is set to 0.0010000000 meters. The typical gap I'm dealing with varies from less than 1m to 5m.

I also tried the "Integrate" tool, but this did not close or eliminate the gaps I care about between adjacent polygons and instead just erroneously reshaped other polygon boundaries I don't care about. 

All above issues described are after getting the parcels into the same projection, merging them, and running "repair geometry" on that feature class.

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