Sharing real building - Procedural Symbology

01-13-2022 11:07 AM
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Hi there,

I'm looking for a way to share a multipatch that I have applied procedural symbology. I've found something similar in Living Atlas so I know that is possible. For example:

These example aren't a common REST service but they're cooming from tiles (This is good for Unity.!!)
Does it possible to create it in Arcgis Online or does I need a Portal?

Anyway, when I share Web Scene no error appears but the result is a simple multipatch without symbology. Here is it:

But in my case the service looks like a regular REST and it's not cooming from tiles:
Can anyone explain this?

I think the problem is that Arcgis Pro cannot create a Scene Layer Package (slpk) of a layer with procedural symbology, at least with 2.9. With older versions it was possible to execute the "Create Scene Layer Package" command which is now deprecated in favor of "Create 3D Object Scene Layer" .


I need also the *.slpk because my goal is to load it into Unity and create VR enviroment. 
Any suggestion?
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Can anyone help me?

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