Setting width of Column in a Table Frame by giving user defined values

04-21-2022 05:20 AM
by Anonymous User
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I'm trying to set the width of a column in a Table Frame using ArcGIS Pro .NET SDK but to do so currently I'm using the below code for setting the width automatically.


TableFrame newtableframe = LayoutElementFactory.Instance.CreateTableFrame(layout, rec_env, mf, lyr, SelectedKegColumns);
var def = newtableframe.GetDefinition() as CIMTableFrame;
def.FittingStrategy = TableFrameFittingStrategy.AdjustColumns;
def.FittingStrategy = TableFrameFittingStrategy.AdjustColumnsAndSize;
def.FittingStrategy = TableFrameFittingStrategy.AdjustFrame;
def.FittingStrategy = TableFrameFittingStrategy.AdjustSize;
def.FillingStrategy = TableFrameFillingStrategy.ShowAllRows;



However I'm looking to set the width to a user defined value for eg: 20mm, 30mm etc. Is it possible through the API?


Thanks in advance!

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