Setting up Temporal Data

01-29-2021 03:50 PM
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Hi everyone!

I'm new to GIS, and am having some issues with ArcGIS Pro recognizing my temporal data. I have a list of clinics from 4 years, all over the country. The data are in a table with column headers: clinic name, address, some relevant info, and year (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). It's in "long" format, with each clinic name being listed 4 times and the relevant year entered for each one. When I click on properties and "time," the options are all grayed out. I thought the year could be the issue so I converted them to dates with the time conversion tool, and I still have this grayed out option when I try to follow the instructions to set up the time series. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!!

Time Data screenshot.PNG

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Hi Christopher,

I am doing something similar too but my time series is working fine. My year field in Long and Numeric. 



Good luck


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Are you working with shapefiles or Feature Class in a gdb? Must be a Feature Class in a gdb for temporal analysis!

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Christopher - the time supported field formats are date, string, and numeric field types.  You can run the Convert Time Field GP tool to convert times stamps stored in a variety of formats.  Best practice is to store your vector data in a geodatabase as Mary mentioned.

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