Setting min and max values across different rasters in Pro

03-22-2018 09:28 AM
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I am trying to accomplish the same thing as the person in this question:  in PRO...

Is this functionality available in ArcGIS PRO?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

You can share the first layer with the correct symbology as a layer file lyx and import that at the others by following these steps.

Define the symbology for the first layer:

In short; Stretch, Minimum Maximum, custom statistics and define Min and Max values (and set the color schema you want.

Save the layer file:

Enter the symbology properties of the next raster and import the symbology from the layer file:

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. For anyone wishing to accomplish something similar using the ArcGIS Pro SDK, the following worked for me:

// Create a new Stretch Colorizer Definition supplying the color ramp
StretchColorizerDefinition stretchColorizerDef = new StretchColorizerDefinition(0, RasterStretchType.DefaultFromSource, 1.0, cimColorRamp);
stretchColorizerDef.StretchType = RasterStretchType.PercentMinimumMaximum;
//Create a new Stretch colorizer using the colorizer definition created above.
CIMRasterStretchColorizer newStretchColorizer =
await rasterLayer.CreateColorizerAsync(stretchColorizerDef) as CIMRasterStretchColorizer;

if (useCustomMinMax == true)
  //Customize min and max
  newStretchColorizer.StretchType = RasterStretchType.MinimumMaximum;
  newStretchColorizer.StatsType = RasterStretchStatsType.GlobalStats;
  StatsHistogram histo = newStretchColorizer.StretchStats;
  histo.max = stretchMax;
  histo.min = stretchMin;
  newStretchColorizer.StretchStats = histo;