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Seeking Advice on Best Practices for Preparing Data Layers for Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) Analysis in ArcGIS

08-16-2023 01:21 PM
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Hello ESRI Community,

Embarking on a Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) analysis journey in ArcGIS? I'm looking for guidance on the optimal practices for formatting and preparing two distinct data layers within my project. These layers are integral to carrying out a meaningful GWR analysis. If you have experience or insights to share, your input would be greatly appreciated.


1. **Data Selection and Understanding:**
- How do you determine which two data layers are suitable for GWR analysis? What should I consider when selecting these layers?

2. **Data Quality and Cleaning:**
- What steps do you recommend to ensure the data quality is high and ready for analysis? How can I effectively address missing values and outliers?

3. **Coordinate Systems and Projections:**
- Could you provide tips for ensuring that both data layers have compatible coordinate systems and projections? How can I handle mismatched projections if they arise?

4. **Spatial Resolution and Scale:**
- What factors should I take into account when adjusting the spatial resolution and scale of my data layers for GWR analysis? Are there any pitfalls to avoid?

5. **Spatial Autocorrelation and Variability:**
- How can I assess the spatial autocorrelation and variability within my data layers? What implications do these patterns have for GWR analysis?

6. **Data Normalization:**
- When should I consider normalizing the data, and what are the best approaches to achieve equitable normalization across different variables?

7. **Spatial Sampling Design:**
- Are there specific techniques or considerations for designing a spatial sampling strategy that aligns with the principles of GWR analysis?

8. **Data Integration and Joining:**
- If I'm working with two separate datasets, what's the recommended approach for integrating and joining them in ArcGIS for a cohesive GWR analysis?

Your insights and experiences in preparing data layers for GWR analysis in ArcGIS would greatly assist me in navigating this process effectively. Feel free to share any tips, best practices, or lessons learned that can help me and others within the community achieve successful GWR analyses.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions!

Best regards,

Sebastián Monsalve

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You seem to have answered a lot of these questions in a previous thread you posted

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Yes, I made a mistake in posing the question.
I'm still in doubt, I planned a solution. Instead of the question.
You know what I planned, if it is not a problem to ask you.

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