See or determine Voxel slice depth

09-07-2021 11:59 AM
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I created a Voxel volume and can slice in all directions, rotate, use transparency etc. This is working great! I had to upgrade to 2.8 to make this work but since then its been great!

I like to slice down horizontally but I can't see any place where it shows you the depth of the slice. I can click on Explore and see the depth in a Pop up but it would be great if I could see the depth continuously as i slice in some sort of read out.

Perhaps this exists already but I have been unable to find it.


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Hi Oliver,

Unfortunately this does not exist but it's something that i'll add to our backlog to look into. If you want to add an idea you can track the progress there otherwise i'll try and post back here with any updates. For ArcGIS Pro 2.9 (planned October release) we focused on supporting sharing voxel layers as voxel scene layers to ArcGIS Online so look for that functionality in the upcoming release.



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