Secured AGOL Hosted feature Service - open in ArcGIS Pro

06-11-2021 07:03 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.7.0

Hi all,

I'm using Pro with an organisational account with a named-user license.

I have full access to all my organisation's content, map/feature services etc. in Pro.

I have another AGOL account to a separate organisation which has given me group access to a group containing hosted feature services/layers.  Via AGOL I can correctly view and interrogate all of these layers.

However, in Pro I can view the content of the other organisation via AddData -> then browsing the content, but cannot then add it to my map (see attached).
Also adding the feature service url as an ArcGIS Server connection immediately greys-out the username and password box - i.e. I can create the connection but it only shows publicly accessible data within that connection.

I have no real idea, but can only guess that Pro tries to auto-link the AGOL account i'm signed-in as with the credentials box (I'm still signed in with my organisational account to keep my license active, but have set the other organisation's site as my active Portal).  But even this idea of the 2 accounts being the issue doesn't make sense, as surely you should be able to connect to multiple ArcGIS sever sites (AGOL) secured or not.

I'm at a real loss as to what's going on, hopefully some GIS gurus can guide me. Hopefully I'm doing something stupid.


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Hi David,

My guess is that you are automatically signed in with your organizations credentials when you open ArcGIS Pro. I would try to sign out and then sign in (top right corner next to the bell) with the credentials that you are able to access the consultants data with. 

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks very much for you reply!  One issue is that my normal login is required for a license also :( I've tested and now authorized my Pro for offline use, then signed in to in Pro as the other organisational account, and now it can be added.

However I don't see it as a valid workflow for multiple users in Pro (it confuses me already and will be a tough sell to a potentially varied user base), and it leaves several things unexplained - i.e. what if I then want to add another secured service from another organisation, or 2, or 3..? I can only use one login can't I?

I think this might have to go to esri support on monday.