Schema for Custom Location Files (.lxtgaz)

11-22-2019 10:30 AM
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What is the schema or format requirement for Custom Location Files (.lxtgaz) used with LocateXT?

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Hello Don,

I'm unsure what you mean by a custom schema for lxtgaz files. Are you referring to the output generated by LocateXT? Currently, LocateXT lxtgaz files require a location (in LAT/LONG form), a name, and--optionally--keywords. There is a step by step process that can be followed when using LocateXT in Desktop or ArcGIS Pro, or you can upload a list of names and LAT/LONGS from a structured document (.xlsx, .csv etc) and create an lxtgaz file from that document. Note, the lxtgaz file will need the keywords manually added to each location.

Let me know if you have additional questions!


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You can open an existing .lxtgaz file in notepad- I just made a test file to examine this too.

It's essentially comma delimited text with a header defining the fields:

"Name","Lat","Lon","Precision","Original Coordinate","Case Sensitive","Errors Allowed","Errors From Error Level","Spatial Reference"

"China","35.0376191","101.6343438","1","101.6343438°E 35.0376191°N ","true","1","false","GEOGCS[""GCS_WGS_1984"",DATUM[""D_WGS_1984"",SPHEROID[""WGS_1984"",6378137.0,298.257223563]],PRIMEM[""Greenwich"",0.0],UNIT[""Degree"",0.0174532925199433]]"

What's frustrating is that there doesn't appear to be a way to just import existing spatial data or use a locator service!!!??? Unless I'm missing something, you would have to manually write out a series of, if you just wanted to find country names to use as locations in un-structured text for all the countries in the world, you'd have to type all those out (or custom code something to write out csv from featureclasses)

.....classic esri.


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