Scale Dependent Query Layer Parameter?

01-30-2018 10:25 AM
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I am working with a PostgreSQL database that already has some Levels of Detail created, returned by stored procedure. 

To get the data, I use query layers like this:

SELECT id, geometry, name, name_en, name_de,  class, iata, icao, ele, ele_ft FROM layer_air(::bbox, ::z) 

Where bbox is bounds ( a geometry) and z is a zoom level from 0 to 14.  

First thing I notice is that ArcGIS PRO will not tolerate parameters as arguments in function calls.

So I would have to hardcode them. 

Next thing I noticed: Even if I want to hard code the bbox as being the World, I can't do it. 

I find no way of expressing a constant value inside the parameters. 

It can't handle putting another function call like ST_GeomFromText( ) and using that as a parameter. 

So I have to wrap these stored procedures in stored procedures of my own and instead call such functions inside the database. 

Then I come to specifying zoom level. 

This means I would have to create up to 15 query layers for each layer (ie layer_air(0).  . . . layer(14)

Then I would have to configure the out beyond and in beyond zoom levels to be [..0) [0..1)    [13..14) [14...).

Then style each of the 15 layers even if I might otherwise style them the same. 

Then Highlight the important attributes for preservation in vector tile creation. 

This means in total I will handle 225 layers instead of 15.  

Just wondering if there is any way to shortcut this. 

This article mentions range and time parameters. 

No scale based parameters. 

Define parameters in a query layer—Query layers | ArcGIS Desktop 

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