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Save Web Map - Does this duplicate layers

07-31-2023 04:31 AM
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Hi all, I have a question on the "Save Web Map" item in the share ribbon on pro.


I have opened a Web Map from ArcGIS Online in pro to make some edits to it. The edits have been completed and I want to update the existing Web Map. When I hover over this tool, a tooltip appears stating "The data layers in your web map will be published as new web layers".

Does this mean when I update the Web Map, all of the layers present on the map will be duplicated and added to ArcGIS Online again? This would be very inconvenient as there are 50(ish) layers on this map and all of these are already included on the Online Portal.



- Liam

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Esri Contributor

Hi Liam,

If the web map only has existing web layers, they will not be republished. The info on data layers being published only applies if you add new layers in you web map since it was opened. New layers will be published as web layers when you save the web map.

As a tip, you can see what layers will be included in the web map. Under the Configuration tab, layers that will be published will appear under Input Layers. Existing web layers will appear under Exiting Content.

Hope this helps!


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