Rotate Empirical Bayesian Kriging output layer

09-23-2021 08:51 PM
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I'm running the EBK3D analysis on a grid of CTD data (similar process to Interpolate 3D oxygen measurements in Monterey Bay | Learn ArcGIS)

The projected data looks reasonable, but it seems to project with North as the top of the rectangle, instead of lining up with the grid of data. In the picture below, each point represents a CTD profile. Is there a way to tell the EBK3D geoprocessing tool which direction I want to be up? It's projecting ocean data on to land, so that's kind of funky. I would expect it to make a box around the data points but for some reason it is not. Can I tell it to offset by, say, 33 degrees?

rotation skewrotation skew

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