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Roadway Network Join to Mismatched Data

04-29-2024 04:18 PM
New Contributor


I have a set of data of various roadways and their extents in excel each with the following primary  fields (as well as other fields but not pertinent to this): Roadway Name, Roadway From, Roadway To (For example Name: Mission Avenue / From: Main Street / To: Broadway).

I also have a larger polyine shapefile with the same fields as the excel however, the excel From and To extend beyond a single polyine in the shapefile.

For Example in the excel the fields would say: Name: Mission Avenue / From: Main Street / To: Broadway

In the Shapefile this would encompass multiple segments (ie multiple rows of data) for example: Name: Mission Avenue / From: Main Street / To: 1st Ave , Mission Avenue / From: 1st Ave / To: 2nd St, Name: Mission Avenue / From: 2nd St / To: Broadway.


Is there an easy way to join the 2 datasets or at least select the data in the shapefile easily to add a field and label the ones that i need for my purposes?

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