Replacing Bad Raster Data from a .csv

04-15-2021 10:09 AM
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Good afternoon all,

I am creating a model to replace bad MODIS pixel values and would like to pull those values from a .csv table to use in a raster calculator expression.  The table record must align with the iterated raster (Julian Date 2003001 Table Data must be computed with Raster 2003001).

Can this be done?


Thank you for your help,


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I wonder if a workflow from this blog would work in this case?  Extract the values of the MODIS data out a point feature class with it's associated attributes.  Then do a JOIN to join the the *.csv file to the point feature class based upon a common attribute (JulianDate).  Then do a Select by Attribute to query out the bad values.  Then do a Field Calculation on the selected records to overwrite the bad values with the values from the *.csv table.  Remove the JOIN.  Finally do a Point to Raster GP tool to recreate the raster dataset.  

It might work.  Don't have the data to test my workflow but something to consider.

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